Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Our country is a great country. our heritage is a sweet one, weaved out of struggle by our fore fathers whose blood was shed into the soil for the sake of all of us Kenyans. we stand today on the brink of a silver jubilee since independence yet some little things hold us back because we cant look beyond our noses. 


Can you prove
that my lakeside origin 
makes me proud, a show off
verbose and arrogant?

Can you justify 
your allegations of 
itchy fingers, aggression 
and wolf-like cunning nature 
of him who comes from the slopes
of the great mountain from whose
our country is named?

Does their steadfast cleaving 
to their culture, 
the bright shukas, 
trademark red-ochred hair and 
religious devotion to their cattle 
make them backward 
or less civilized?

Is it true that they from Eastern 
are meek and weak 
can only be loyal servants 
messenger and menial workers 
and giants of voodoo?

Who said they can only chew
mountains of ugali and kuku stew
that the way to their allegiance 
is through their stomachs?

Do all of them run
faster than deers on lions' trail
To get cold gold 
and fame for us? 

Why cant you see beyond this?

Green, white, black and red 
we hoist everyday
flapping  in sweet harmony
black and white keys produce
sweet melody.
Yet we, despite years and years 
of coexistence, 
like leeches hold onto misplaced notions. 
notions whose motions set us
apart, divide us and create disharmony?
Unite. Diversity is strength.

The golden rule is a maxim the kenyan nation must embrace: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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