Friday, 26 October 2012

My Ex

I wouldn’t love this post to go viral. It is the story of my ex-girl friend.
Our meeting was accidental. It was in a matatu (some people call it mat). It started so easily by a little banter in that mat. She was immediately in my social network.
I viewed her profile, she was elegant. The real life image next to me was just fantastic. She laughed easy, had a smile I like and the way she talked about her interests and activities made me want her more. She was in an open relationship with nobody in particular and I thought this was my chance.
I sent her a friend request. She accepted the request and put me in her friends’ list. The fact that she didn’t ignore it lifted my spirits and I began laying strategies to make my next move.
First, I poked her and she poked back. Before long, I was writing on her wall, inboxing her and liking every comment and status update she wrote. And somehow she too was doing that in equal measure.
So one day I find her on chat and we started chatting and I squarely put her in the box and close the lid. My relationship status changed from widowed to ‘in a relationship’ that was the beginning of a long nice life.
I would take pictures everywhere upload them and tag her or sometimes just say ‘with my apple’ etc etc Her friends became my friends and mine hers.
And then a topic began trending. It was about my beautiful girl. Everybody began tweeting about her slanderous behavior. It was first whispered that she had joined an infamous group, campus divas for rich men. I didn’t mind much until the hash-tag stop campus divas brought tweetpics of her with some bald headed man. And then I decided to block her. 
blocking her was the most painful thing because i realised I'd have to ask her friendship again. 
A lot of things have changed in my life since. I am looking to find a new mate.

Photo and Poem by Courtesy