Monday, 1 October 2012

Humbling Aptitude Test

I recently failed an aptitude test.  It wasn’t a hard test but the truth is; I flunked terribly. I had waited for that call that would open the doors for me to get an internship in one of the big shot media firms for over a month when it came. I received the call in the evening to take the test the following day.
I am not a genius but I rarely fail tests. In fact, before this test, I don’t remember another in the recent years that I have failed.
It got me thinking about a number of things. What if we were to take tests about a certain things in life? Which tests would I, you pass.

Personal life test
If you took a test about the things you wanted to achieve in life at your present age, would you pass? Growing up I conjured images of bliss and success and many other things I would achieve by now. Some I have achieved. Some remain just dreams. I don’t know about you. I have made much progress in life but I doubt if I would pass the personal life aptitude test.

Ethnic aptitude test
Our county is truly blessed. Many ethnic communities joined in one accord by great symbols of national unity. Yet we almost always go back to our cocoons and judge others by the language they first spoke or the sound of their surname.  A look at my current inner circle of friends and networks tell me I’d fail the ethnic aptitude if I did not just scrap through. I am however tolerant, do not enjoy stereotypes and I am proud of my heritage as my two names scream.

Spiritual aptitude test
The Creator gives us a choice to follow Him or follow our own ways. Sometimes we cry when things don’t go the way we want them to and say the good Lord has forsaken us. But the analogy of the foot prints perhaps tells us more about the undying love the Father has for his children.  Yet in many occasions we, and I have been found wanting in deed and in what I have failed to do. God is merciful and just because of GRACE I would have passed the spiritual aptitude test.

So I missed the chance to work at a prestigious firm. My intention was to actually work so diligently that the firm would find me indispensible.  I know as much as many other people will testify that I am competent. But the rule of the game was that I had go thorough a necessary evil (test) to be weeded out as the regret letter stated: ‘We managed to get other candidates better suited for the advertised position.’
In the footprints analogy, a man complains about seeing only one set of foot prints when he is in great trouble but two sets when in relative ease. God tells him in those trying moments “I held you in my arms”

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